Monday, May 21, 2007

Sold Again...

MIND GAMES will be included in a future edition of Red Sage Secrets.

Woohoo. I got the call yesterday afternoon and I'm really feeling very good about this. It's the first time I've sold a sequel, and since it's a sequel to the first story I ever sold, that makes it even more special.

This story takes place 30+ years after FATAL ERROR and stars Jesse and Soran's son, Damien.
Once again the government is trying to interfere with the daily lives of citizens, but this time in the form of an agency out to eradicate the use of psychic abilities. In a world where genetic mutatation makes speaking telepathically a real and provable commodity, this is no small fete. Damien and his Vartek partner, Jade, must use their link to help stop the agency and free all the other Varti that are held imprisoned and awaiting surgical intervention that will sever their links forever.

If you know anything about my sci-fi and futuristics than you know this book too will have it's share of gadgets and impliments to make life easier for those inhabiting the futuristic worlds. I think that's one of the funnest things about creating these worlds, is coming up with these gadgets. I think some of the best ones appear in my July release, FALLING STARS, in Secrets Volume 19: Timeless Passions. I actually have nanobots that mimic blood cells in that story. Now, that was fun to come up with!!

I still have a few other stories out there making the rounds with agents. Seeing if they want to represent me. I'll keep you posted if I get a bite.



Jennifer Elbaum said...

You're on a roll!

Congrats Kat!

Antonia Pearce said...

Yay Kat! Congrats! I can't wait to read it! Everything you write is awesome and your world building is soo great!!!!

Arin Rhys said...

CONGRATS!!!! That is so cool.