Monday, February 8, 2010

A Year and a Half Later

Boy do I suck at keeping my personal blog going. But then I do suck at keeping my personal blog going.

I do want to talk about my new release coming out tomorrow.

High Octane

It's the first in my dimensional travel series. Here's the blurbage.

Two hearts are never more than one dimension apart.

A routine fuel run through one of the planet’s dimensional portals explodes in violence when Major Geneieve Lockhart’s Jumper team is hammered with an unprovoked attack. With her ship disabled and contact to mission control limited, Genie faces her worst nightmare—losing her crew on the blood-soaked floor of a foreign desert.

Help comes from an unlicensed freelance mercenary ship, piloted by a man she never thought she’d see again. Her AWOL ex-lover, Lt. Col. Dante Bowen.

Bowen knows answering Genie’s distress call puts his undercover mission to expose a governmental conspiracy at risk. But after faking his death six years ago, he owes her something. Ending up chained in her cargo hold for transport to his own court martial wasn’t the thanks-for-the-rescue he expected.

The bridges between them may be in ashes, but their desire burns as hot as ever. Even as Genie wonders what happened to Bowen’s code of honor, her body betrays her heart at every turn. The hostile race that attacked her ship, though, is coming back to finish them off. The only way to ensure freedom—on both sides of the dimensional divide—is to put her trust in the one man who betrayed it…

Available Feb. 9th, 2010 from Samhain Publishing

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Release! By A Silken Thread by MK Mancos

OK, it's probably not good that I haven't posted on my personal blogs since January. The only excuse I have is that I get my head into my writing and when I finally look up, an entire day has past and I've gotten behind in all other aspect of the writing biz, save the creative part.

So, today is the release date for By A Silken Thread. I'm very excited about this book because in the grand scheme of things, it is the first one I ever finished writing. Granted, it was in a much rougher form back then - well, to be hones, it was awful - but you have to figure, I wrote it in 1993 when I was first trying my hand at crafting a novel. And I hadn't a clue. But I loved the idea so much that I kept it on a back burner until I learned more about craft and character development, plotting and dialogue - and mostly logic. In that first draft, I had my characters doing the most illogical things. *shrugs* But the writer's journey is filled with pot holes. I have to say the only things about this book that resembles the original version are the character names and premise. Everything else went through a major overhaul.

So, without further ado - here is the blurb of By A Silken Thread.

The line between life and death is as elusive as a silken thread.

Two women…linked by one deadly memory.

On an ice-encrusted road in New Jersey, Tara Johanan loses control of her car and drives off an embankment. At the same moment in Palmetto Springs, Florida, in an unwitnessed attack, Charlotte Durand is shot in the head and left for dead.

Both women die. Both return. But near-death experiences are not always straightforward. Tara woke up with the voice and memories of a comatose woman in her head. And she can remember a shooting she never witnessed.

Telling the family a loved one is the victim of a violent crime is the worst part of the job for Detective Marcus Danforth. When his stepsister is the victim, and the loved ones his family and best friend, it’s crippling. He’ll do anything to uncover the mystery of Charlotte’s shooting.

Believing the story of a beautiful accident victim may be too much for him—even in the face of overwhelming desire. Even as the shadows of death grow darker.

By A Silken Thread by MK Mancos, Samhain Publishing


Monday, January 21, 2008

The Host: Shadows by MK Mancos

Come celebrate the release of my latest novel, The Host:Shadows

Four-hundred years ago, Tristain St. Blaise worked as an apprentice for alchemist, Benito Achilles. When an experiment went terribly wrong, it fused an entity to Tristain’s soul, turning him from an enlightened man of reason to one of dark passions. He takes on the mantle of a hired killer in order to protect innocents and rid the world of men like Achilles, and find some measure of redemption.

Angelia Lightheart has worked hard trying to purge her life of unhealthy relationships. One night in a dark Manhattan alley, she is saved from a would-be rapist by a man who seems able to look into her very soul to the weary heart she hides from the world.

Now, as Angelia and Tristain fall in love, his work as a contract killer brings him face to face with the one responsible for his immortal state and endangers not only their love, but Angelia’s life.



Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Release of The Host: Shadows Nears


I've really been neglecting this blog. This past year has been absolutely chaotic. Things seem to be settling down now and that's good. Dave and I are hoping some of the plans we've made back in 2006 and 2007 will start to bear some fruit. Anyhoo... I'm very psyched to announce the release of my novel, The Host: Shadows by MK Mancos on Jan. 22nd from Samhain Publishing.

This story has been about 8 years in the making. I started writing it as a script for a graphic novel that never quite got off the ground. I couldn't find an artist who worked in the medium I wanted the pages done in, or in the particular style. (Or honestly, worked cheap).

The story revolves around host and hitman, Tristain St. Blaise. Here's a little blurby-boo to whet your appetite.

Sometimes the things that go bump in the night are there to protect the innocent...

Four-hundred years ago, Tristain St. Blaise worked as an apprentice for alchemist, Benito Achilles. When an experiment went terribly wrong, it fused an entity to Tristain’s soul, turning him from an enlightened man of reason to one of dark passions. He takes on the mantle of a hired killer in order to protect innocents and rid the world of men like Achilles, and find some measure of redemption.

Angelia Lightheart has worked hard trying to purge her life of unhealthy relationships. One night in a dark Manhattan alley, she is saved from a would-be rapist by a man who seems able to look into her very soul to the weary heart she hides from the world.

Now, as Angelia and Tristain fall in love, his work as a contract killer brings him face to face with the one responsible for his immortal state and endangers not only their love, but Angelia’s life.

Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it!


Sunday, September 9, 2007

Dragon Tamer and more...

Here's the book trailer for the Dragon anthology which will release in ebook on Sept. 11th. Thanks to Angie, our (as in the Dragon Ladies) editor for putting it together. It's sooo awesome.

Here is a little excerpt to whet your appetite.

Whatever Darion had been expecting when he contacted his brother in the IFM, it hadn’t been Agent Serrah Gayle. Perhaps he was out of touch, but he thought women were supposed to be loving and nurturing. So far Agent Gayle was nothing more than a badge with boobs and an attitude. Nice boobs though they were. It wasn’t his fault her superiors didn’t share with her the dire circumstances of the “case”.

Gods, did she actually call it “a case”?

It was so easy to boil a problem down to a label when you weren’t the one touched by the pain and agony of the crisis.

He spared a glance at her profile as she tapped away on her handheld. How could such a beautiful woman be so damn cold and unfeeling? They didn’t program that into their agents, did they? Sure Tavil had changed when he’d joined the IFM, but Darion had always figured the training had only amplified the quiet inner strength that was inherent in his brother’s personality.

She raised a slender arm and brushed pale hair back from a heart-shaped face. She pulled her bottom lip between her teeth as she read whatever was on the small screen in front of her. It seemed like such a vulnerable action for a woman who appeared to be anything but. However, that small unconscious action caused his lower belly to tighten in a kick of unexpected lust.

“Dragons are one of your biggest draws to the island, right?” She looked over at him, but he couldn’t see her eyes. She’d had on sunshades since he’d met her at the shuttle port entrance.

“As big a draw as the beaches or volcano spirits.” He eased back the directional control as they started up a hill. The climb cart’s mercurial engine decided to take the opportunity to begin to chug and sputter as if the climb were too much for it to manage.

Agent Gayle shot him a look over the top of her glasses. He didn’t take his attention from the road to give her more than a cursory glance, though he really wanted to study her in much closer circumstances. “Are we even going to make it to the settlement?”

“We’ll make it.”

No doubt Agent Gayle wasn’t used to the rustic surroundings of the settlement. Dragon care and maintenance didn’t require legions of electronic devices. Low-tech equipment usually did the best job and had been proven ever since man and dragon had formed their first bonds. That wasn’t to say the settlement lacked modern conveniences— they just didn’t rely on such things for everyday tasks dealing with the dragons. Records keeping was another matter.

Damn, he wished Mercia, his office assistant, wasn’t off visiting her family. He relied on her to keep things running smoothly and they hadn’t been since she’d left a week ago. He’d hoped Tavil would be sent home, or he’d had more time to prepare for Agent Gayle’s arrival. When the call came earlier in the day to meet the IFM agent, the entire settlement had fallen into chaos to prepare. Thank the gods for Ontonio and Palmer.

The land inclined sharply. With slow, painful progress, the climb cart lurched forward as if the very gravity beneath them thickened and pulled at the cart like quicksand. The thrusters were failing and failing fast.

Damn! He shouldn’t have spoken so soon. Once the thrusters were gone they’d end up having to walk the rest of the way up the foothills.

“It’s still not too late to turn around and go back for a rental.” Agent Gayle sounded helpful, if not a little uncertain.

Darion shifted into a lower gear. They barely stayed afloat over the ground surface, but at least they were moving. Unfortunately, the lower gear didn’t allow for a great amount of speed.

From the corner of his eyes he caught the subtle shake of her head. She went back to her handheld and left her disgruntled words unspoken. Small favors. For once since the dragons began dying off, Darion felt like something had actually gone his way. If she had turned to him and started complaining, he’d have dropped the climb cart and forced her to walk on principle alone. Just the thought made him smile. Somehow the image of her getting all hot and sweaty trekking through the jungle was very tempting. She’d look even more tempting than she did now. If that were possible.
He glanced over at her as she straightened in her seat and looked over at Darion. Dark pink lips were parted on a silent question.


“According to your Chamber of Commerce, sloughed dragon scales are Cambry’s biggest source of export.” The statistic came out like an accusation.

“Not for long.”

“No, that’s my point. The question I need to answer is who or what would benefit in the loss of the dragon population.”

Darion frowned as the climb cart gave an exhausted belch and chug. “No one will benefit.”

“Someone has to. Why kill them off, if not for profit?”

Did her world involve so many conspiracies and machinations that the thought something could be a purely biological component sound far-fetched to her? Granted, Darion had been the one to call the IFM in to investigate, but he’d mistakenly thought his brother would arrive and request a team of scientists to discover the reason for the dragons’ deaths, not a stun-rod toting militant female who made his blood boil. “There was no evidence to support that the blight is anything other than some nasty dragon-flesh eating bacteria of unknown origin.”

“Like I said, I want to see the data your expert collected.”

She was also suspicious.

“I’ll get everything to your hut when we arrive.”

“If we arrive,” she muttered under her breath and turned her attention back to the small screen in front of her.

With a violent jerk, the climb cart hit the ground. The thrusters hissed and popped, straining to lift, but to no avail. They were dead on the ground.

Darion killed power to the engines and turned to Agent Gayle, who looked at him over her sunshades as if she wanted to commit murder. “I’ll get your bags out of the back.”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“Not unless you want to sit here in the blazing sun and wait for help to arrive.” A little thrill went through his body as she unhooked the harness and climbed out of the passenger seat. Aggravating her proved to be very enjoyable.

He opened the storage compartment so she could grab her bags. She nudged him with her shoulder to move him out of the way. It was hard for him to stand there and not help her with her bags. She didn’t seem as if she wanted anything to do with him giving her a hand with whatever precious possessions she carried in her luggage. And yet, he found himself wildly attracted to her for some reason.

Darion started walking up the incline to the lower range of foothills. He let his glance slide over his reluctant companion. She looked fit enough, maybe he wouldn’t end up carrying her at some point. But he couldn’t help but dig at her. “The walk from here is pretty grueling. If you need to stop and rest, let me know.”

She readjusted the straps of her larger case and configured them to wear as a backpack. “Same goes.”

A smile tugged the side of his mouth. The woman was all grit and sass. Wait until she came face to face with a full-grown king Ruby. They were the largest dragons on the island and they didn’t suffer fools or arrogance lightly. “Let’s get walking then.”

Agent Gayle raised her arm. “After you, Archer.”

Hope you enjoy. To to for order and download info.


Tuesday, August 7, 2007

New Title Available

Now available from Red Sage Secrets Volume 19: Timeless Passions. Falling Stars.

Little bit space opera and a lot a bit sex romp.

Duty and honor are concepts Princess Daria of Primon knows intimately. Not only is she the fifth daughter of the Primon royal house, but her rank of Eagle has her flying combat missions in some of the most dangerous sectors of the galaxy. Passionate and strong, she is no stranger to a lover’s touch, but now a political alliance with the planet of Jevic will place her under the dominion and in the bed of one Kristiano Raven, supreme military leader of the Jevic army. Even if his ruthless reputation hadn’t made her wary of the match, the fact he is her late sister’s betrothed most certainly does. That, however, has not eased the ache of desire she feels in his presence.

If you like your sci-fi on the steamy side, check out Falling Stars. Kathleen Scott will definately thank you.


Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Rough Week in Review

It started out bad since I knew I had surgery coming up on the 12th. I knew it was going to be horrible when the kitty my husband and I have had for the past 14 years was actively dying. When she died on the morning of my surgery and we buried her before we went to the hospital, it was just plain awful.

It's been about 48 hours post-op now and I'm still very sore. It's getting better. I can walk around and even manage to get myself up and down out of bed now. I walked around the house and yard for a good long while yesterday and today, and Dave hasn't needed to help steady me as much. I stopped the Percocet the night I came home. (I took one before bed just because of the awful pains in my back and not being able to get comfortable). Since then I've been able to manage with nothing but Tylenol. Which is good. I don't like the muddle-headedness of the Percocet. I like to be able to think.

I have to admit to being a little bored in my recovery. I want to be able to do things and move and go and be able to sit in a chair, or the couch or somewhere for longer than ten minutes without getting uncomfortable. I have a couple of contests I really wanted to enter and haven't been getting anything accomplished towards them and the deadlines are looming. Ughhhhh....

And then there's the grief. I knew Kittygirl was getting up there in age. She was 16, which I'm told for Persians is still kind of young since they can live to be 19-20. I think in this last year she had been in some pain with her joints - not moving around as well as she had been before. But hey, I don't get around as much as I once did either, so I thought...just a part of aging. I don't know...I guess I thought she'd live forever.

It's odd but I keep expecting to see her in my office when I sit here, or laying in front of her bowl when I go in to get something to drink. The worst part is seeing her little empty bed. Since Dave's been taking care of me the last few days the only thing he's managed to do is take her litterbox away. Even the place where we kept that in the bathroom looks really empty.

She was such a good little kitty. Never jumped up on the counters. Only scratched in one specific location. Loved to come and sit with us in the evenings to just be with her mom and dad. She was a love.

I guess she planned to die that day. At least it feels that way to me. I had a sixth sense about it. Even told my friends at work that I had the feeling she was going to wait until the day I had surgery to pass away. I think maybe it was he last act of kindness to me. She knew if I was thinking about her instead of concentrating on my surgery, I wouldn't be as scared by it. And you know what? She was right. I had my mind on her and not what I was going through.

We buried her in the backyard, in a nice bit of shade. Built up a little cairn and placed a standing stone for a marker. It's a good spot for her. Ironic though, since she'd only been outside once in her life and had no idea what grass even was. I'll never forget that. We took her with us on vacation and took her out of her transport cage at a rest stop and let her sit in the grass. She had no idea what to do and looked up at us with such panic on her little face. We laughed so hard. She couldn't wait to get back up in my arms. At the time I had no idea that cats needed long adjustment periods to new spaces. I thought they were like dogs in that wherever they were was where they were supposed to be. Felt kind of bad about that in retrospect.

Anyhoo. I must move on now. I've been sitting in this chair for about twenty minutes and that's about all I can stand these last few days.