Tuesday, April 17, 2007

***Immorati Book Trailer******

Let me know what you think?


Antonia Pearce said...

Bravo!!! Excellent job!!! Loved it! You should be very proud of that one!

Antonia Pearce said...

Oh, forgot to tell you that you totally ROCK!!! And so does everything you write! Yay, Kat!!!! :-)

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

Great work! Love the images!

Arin Rhys said...

Thats really good, the only thing that I think that could improve it would be fonts that contrasted better with the background.

Tara W said...

I love the trailer and the book! I can't wait for the next one in the series.

Shai said...

Are those palm trees in the police car shot? *ducks*

I finished reading the book. Thank you for breaking my brain. It's not the book itself (nope, that's great): it's Cleatus. You completely wrecked the whole preconceived notion that I had of the guy -- where I come from, 'Cleatus' is what Bubbas call someone who fits their definition of a Bubba. An UberBubba, so to speak.

I probably shouldn't have laughed hysterically all through the book whenever Cleatus showed up. I'll read it again, ma'am, this time without laughing.


So when is the sheriff going to get his own damn book?

Natasha said...

Great job, Kat. I'm going to have to pull this one out of my TBR file.

BTW, Kat, I'm tagging you to tell us 8 facts we didn't know about you. Check out my blog for the rules.