Saturday, February 17, 2007

A Few Minutes Here

Until I have to start getting ready for my monthly NJRW meeting. I haven't written anything in a week or so and thought I should jot down some words of wisdom, or at least expunge the crap from my head.

I've been working diligently on my dragon story for Samhain, titled Dragon Tamer. It's going rather well, I think. I may even make the deadline. (God, I hope so...I'm writing this for a specific project and for really no other reason.) I'm at about 13K, so a little over half way there depending on how long it ends up being. Making pretty good tracks. I won't get to work on it today, but maybe tonight. I have to work tomorrow night, so I'll be staying up all night tonight to sleep tomorrow. I can usually get stuff done pretty well if I work all night. The key is to not have the tv on. Radio (itunes) or the stereo is fine. Sometimes I'll watch DVDs for background noise, but I find with them, I'll usually watch television instead of getting work done.

Well, coming up Wed. I'm going into the city with some friends from the NICU. We're going to go see the revival of Le Miz on Broadway. It's a matinee show, so we'll take the train into Penn Station and then go to dinner afterwards. I think they said it's a 3 hour show...a 3 hour show...
(Sorry, I wrote that and had strains of the Gilligan's Island theme song running through my head.) - I watched the weather this morning and it said that Wed. may be a mix of snow and rain. I'll believe it when I see it. I know the weather men here (or is it weather persons?) and they very rarely get it right in a five day.

After I finish my dragon story, it's off to finish the Mind Games novella for Red Sage. My heroine and hero have been holed up in their hotel room having wild sex for about 2 weeks now. - Well, since I decided to write the dragon story. Not that they probably mind it much, but it's probably time for them both to move on. After all, the heroine's daddy (a governmental baddie) is after them and they should keep in going to a safe house.

I actually thought I'd be further along with my list of books I have to finish. But then, I didn't expect this other project to pop up, or to get the itches to send the novel formerly titled, Fangdango to another publisher to consider. I had to do a major chop job on the synopsis, since the publisher I sent it to know only wanted a 4-5 page one and mine was 13. Hmmmm....if 13 is an unlucky number, maybe that's why it wasn't bought before. If only I believed in superstitions. But I don't. Well, except for the one's involving the hospital. Like if you say the word 'transport' in the NICU three times in a row, we'll get a call for one. I've seen it happen...swear to God. It's like calling for Beetlejuice.

Well, that's my time for today. I still have to take a shower and get my things together. My car is still buried in snow from the other day, so I'll have to dig it out before I go.


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