Sunday, December 3, 2006

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The novel is a reincarntion story about a NJ bar owner, named Ian, who is plagued with the spotty nightmares of a beautiful woman who is pulled over a cliff to her death and into the rocky maw of the Delaware River.

For six months, Ian Delaney has tried in vain to find a way to rid his sleep of the nightmarish images of a young woman's death that he is helpless to prevent. If he can just make it to her once, Ian knows he can save her and stop the dreams for good. A foray into past-life regression uncovers the woman was his beloved wife, Adrienne. But the ghosts of past lives are not so easily tamed...

...When he meets her in this life, he knows he must save her from the current threats that are esculating around her or face losing her this time around as he did before.

If you can think of a good solid name for this it in the comments. I'll decide the winner on December 11, 2006. Please, no titles with the word "time" or "love" in them.

Good Luck,



JAC said...

Titles are my biggest challenge, so I doubt I can help but I had to stop by when I saw this at Romance Divas.

I happen to like 'Timeless' but the only thing I can come up with is: "Once More With Feeling." It ain't much, but when you take 'time' and 'love' out of the equation, I got nuthin.

Good luck!

Antonia Pearce said...

OK. I just love making a total fool of myself. It's why I sub to editors too. hahaha

You didn't mention any restrictions about lameness or quantity so here goes:

Love Past, Die Now
Waking the Past
Past Lives, Present Dangers
Race to Remembrance
The Saving Past
Die Again
Death, Dreams and Redemption
The Regression

Shai said...


Drowned Sorrows

Foul Rift (after the Delaware River rapids in Warren County)

And for a really long one: The Anniversary of Her Assassination


Deadly Anniversary

Anonymous said...

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