Sunday, November 19, 2006


Hello, and welcome to my blog.

I've resisted opening up my own personal blog space because I know how I am about keeping up on correspondances...(I'm not very good at it. I spend most of my time writing books and reading research materials.)

I'll start by telling you a little bit about myself. I live and work in NJ with my husband Dave and our cat Kittygirl. When I'm not writing, I work in the healthcare industry. In addition to writing, I enjoy movies, books, art and cross-stitch. History is a favorite obsession of mine, if there is a documentary on television dealing with almost any period of history you can believe, I'll have my nose stuck in it soaking it all up. - Though to be honest, any and all documentaries capture my attention. I'm pretty much a documentary junkie and have often wondered if there are twelve step programs to help me quit the addiction.

My husband, Dave, is a kick-but cartoonist, who's created "Digby and Bernard" and "Jet-Pak Penguin" daily strips. They are both all ages comics, so don't hesitate to let your kids see them. You can check them out at

He's also busily working on his newest creation, Roxy Brimstone. Roxy will also be an all ages strip. For those of you who like comics with a big more grit to them he's working on his vigilante graphic novels, "Tales of the Motor City" and "The Return of Buster Crash."

Now a bit about living in NJ. I know this state has a reputation for being the bastard brother of New York, but I tell you that it's a state that you can't really appreciate until you've taken time to notice all the varying landscapes we have here. Trust me, there are mountains, cities, the Shore, and Atlantic City. For that reason a majority of my novels are set here. Or Florida. I spent 14 years living in Florida and it's kind of hard to leave that behind. Not when there are so many possibilities for story ideas to be had there.

So, that's enough about me for now. Thanks for stopping by. Drop me an email, or wonder over to my website by clicking on the prompt. You can read blurbs from my books and see the covers, or read some short stories.




Debbie Mumford said...

Welcome, Kat! It's good to see you with a personal blog.

embersinclair said...

Nice work on the personal blog Kat. Wow, you and hubby live interesting lives. Comic books and a romance author how cool a pair is that.

Stacy Bennett-Smith said...

Awesome job on the blog! Why was I not told about this??? I never get invited to anything. *whines piteously* If you can believe it, TomKat didn't invite me to their shindig either. *sniff*

Stacy Bennett-Smith
aka Stacy B.
aka Antonia Pearce

JAC said...

Hi Kat! I'm going to add your link to my blog.

Sara Thacker said...

That's cool that your husband is a cartoonist. I'm finding that most of my novels are set where I live too. Maybe I need to take a trip to Hawaii for a novel setting or Spain. Hmmm, where do I want to go?

Chris Dolley said...

Hello, Kat, prepare for blogging and cat pictures to take over your life:)

Jennifer Elbaum said...

Wow, that's quite the bio!

I'll make sure to stop by regularly!